Have you ever wanted to write a book? And not just a book, but a bestseller? You might be sitting on the next bestselling idea but are not sure how to get started.

Do you know what it takes to write a great book? Do you know the time, energy, and emotional investment needed? Do you understand how to structure your idea or story into something that keeps readers vigorously turning pages — choosing the proper voice, perspective, format, style, tone, and rhythm? Do you know how to build a following, market your product, and create a stellar public reputation? Can you give a killer keynote speech about your story, idea, or concept?

Soon you will know!

Learn how you can!

Introducing: Todd-In-A-Box

After a quarter-century of making his living as a successful writer, 12-time bestselling ghost, and book marketer, Todd Nordstrom has become the ‘go-to’ guy for global thought leaders, gurus, and celebrities — to ghost their books, publish their books, and market their books — as well as help them build a public persona that draws people in.

What if you could get 25 years of Todd Nordstrom’s experience in a box—all the knowledge, pitfalls, experience and guidence delivered to you immediately—the same advice Todd practices and gives to many of the World’s most famous, respected, and applauded authors?

Okay, so you might think this is another one of those “Too good to be true” online classes that give you the same information you’ll find anywhere else. Go ahead and think that. But, you won’t think it as soon as you listen to the first seconds of Todd’s advice. In fact, the first thing Todd will do in the curriculum is the same thing he does with every author he coaches or consults in person—he’ll challenge you to understand if you should be writing at all, if your advice has merit, if your credentials meet the public demand, and if you have any talent at all. Seriously, he may persuade you not to attempt writing at all. Why? Because, he only wants serious clients.

Serious clients, however, will gain Todd Nordstrom’s personal insights on:

  • Who is Your Audience
  • The Meaning of Words
  • Publishing Options
  • Brilliant Titles
  • Outlining
  • Proposals and Business Plans
  • How to Create a Brilliant Chapter 1
  • Masterful Storytelling
  • Creating Tone
  • Rhythm
  • Structure
  • Editing
  • Marketing
  • Speaking
  • Create Intrigue
  • Product Creation
  • Work and Persistence
  • Common Pitfalls

Within Each Module of Todd In-A-Box you’ll receive stories of Todd Nordstrom’s personal experience in the book writing industry. You’ll hear the raw truth about what it really takes to get noticed, and make a ton of money by writing. You’ll even hear the uncut, under-produced, and real (he might even sneeze) advice from an expert who has spent many years struggling to get noticed as a writer. And, you’ll quickly understand how Todd rose to the top—and how he can help you rise to the top as well.

The gurus of the world pay top dollar to hear Todd’s advice. And, whether this is your first book, or your 7th, Todd In-A-Box will give you insider insight that you cannot find anywhere else.

Do you believe you’re sitting on the next big book, concept, idea, and fortune? The answer is “Yes” because otherwise you would not be here—reading, thinking, and looking for answers to problem you know you already have.

Turn your ideas into money. Turn them into a legacy. Turn them into credential.

You already know you’re onto the next big concept, story, or idea. The world needs to hear it. Todd-In-Box is many years, and many thousands of experience dollars in one package — available immediately on your device. Coming January 2023!

Hear Todd’s stories and personal advice about:

  • How he struggled to break into the world of writing.
  • What he learned from working with the global thought leaders of the world.
  • Mistakes he’s made, and how he has overcome them.
  • Believing in your self and your ideas.
  • What makes books big, and what keeps them small.

Get Todd-In-A-Box today!

Introduction to Todd-In-A-Box

“I believe everyone has a brilliant story to tell and idea to share. If I could teach everyone how to present it—in a way that people stop and truly pay attention—all those voices will change the world in positive way.”

— Todd Nordstrom —

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