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Want to write your own book, but need someone to read every word and help you master a page-turner? Todd has helped countless authors discover their inner voice and rhythm to tell memorable and inspiring stories, from chapter 1 to the very last word. Let someone who has done it before help you craft a game-changer.

Pro Writing Coach

If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book—sharing your stories, ideas, and perspectives—and want it to be something people LOVE to read, you might need a great coach, and editor to lead you through the process. Writing a book is not easy. And, your writing skills, may not align with the potential of sharing your ideas. Todd Nordstrom can help.

You have a unique voice. You have a unique style. You have a rhythm and tone like no one else in this world. But, does it translate well onto a page? It can.

Todd can help you hone and perfect your rhythm, tone, and voice on the page. He can work with you to help you clarify your thoughts, organize your content, keep you inspired beyond Chapter 1, and help you create a book that people can’t stop reading—because of your newly found writing ability.

Hire Todd Nordstrom to read every chapter. Hire him to give you adivice, find out where you’re distracting a reader, where you should include specific information, and how you can create a product that people want to start, and fisnish, after reading every single word.

Hire Todd to coach you as a writer today!

For a one time fee of $25K (Includes weekly coaching, Todd In-A-Box access, coaching through each chapter, and overall manuscript finalization).

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